About Us


Adhyann focuses and concentrates on solidifying the open Educational Forum in our Country.Our aim is to provide economical and quality Educational Assistance to Students From the varied sectors of the society through Online Medium and promote the significance of Open Educational assistance across all the corners of the society with utmost effectiveness.We aim At making Education available to the maximum Srtudents possible with proper efficiency and strengthen the conceptual background of the Students. Our mission is to deliver the best assistance and consultancy to students regarding the problems and challenges they face in their academics.We focus to bring the students,the faculties and the tutorial centres under one roof and create a never seen amalgam of scholars from every sector.


Our Vision in Adhyann is to achieve one of the  best and economical Educational support system for the youngsters in order to Make Educational Reach and access readily available to everyone with maximumum ease.Our Vision can be exlplained in a single line in this way.
“Success is not in achieving things but in learning them”.


Adhyann is an initiative by the students for the students. It is a step towards open education.Adhyann is an organization founded by members who are students themselves.We aim to focus on the needs and requirements a common student deserves be it a tutorial,a doubt clearing session or a full fledged classroom programme.We at Adhyann focus to revolutionize the idea of open education under one roof.We aim to unite students from all sectors under one roof and provide them the best assistance they deserve during their academic run. For now we are starting with 7 subjects including Physics,Chemistry,Mathematics,Computer Science,Biology, History Civics,and Geography.If any of the student till 10th grade has any doubt regarding any of these subjects,Please feel free to drop your doubts.We provide a guaranteed solution within 3 hours if your doubt posting!!.Yes within 3 hours..Guys the first of its kind Adhyann will comprise every level of assistance ranging from 10th Grade to examinations like IIT-JEE and from Simple commerce to CA preparation at a minimal cost in due course of time with the help of state of the art faculties and meritous students all over the nation to help you..Now you can benefit the fruits of open education sitting at your home.Join us and make a change!!

Thank You.

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