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We at Adhyann ,not only call you to become tutor but those of You who wants to still contribute to Adhyann without being a tutor can also join hands with us and help us in making a difference. Even this call applies to those too who are still studying in Grades 9 and 10 related to ICSE and CBSE curriculum. You can send your notes to us at the specified Email-Id, which is given below. We will go through the notes you provide and have a discussion with you and after making the necessary modifications(only if needed),and will publish it in the main course packages under your name as the Instructor( if only you agree to share it on the website with or without the modifications suggested by us).We again repeat without your consent we will not publish your notes(if your notes or a part of your notes are selected to be able to be used as notes for a certain subject in a certain package,it will be published only and only with your consent by having a discussion with you before the scheduled publishing date of that particular Unit Notes of that particular subject otherwise it will not be used).  So You have a chance to share your contribution on a wider scope and be a part of this noble initiative.The area of expertise and subject is your choice,you can choose depending upon your convenience.

Criteria For Selection of the Notes:
The notes should be:
•    Relevant To The Topics.
•    Completely in accordance to the Syllabus of the respective Curriculums.
•    Each topic explained in a detailed way.
•    Complete coverage of the whole unit in a detailed manner.

Rules and Regulations For Sharing Notes.
Moreover the selection of the specified notes from the interested individuals will solely be selected on the decision of the Adhyann Team handling that subject and their decision regarding selection stands final.

However,We do assure you that no type of discrepancy will be done based on your sent notes.If your notes are not selected,not a single part of it will be taken or modified and uploaded in the website without your consent. You can be totally sure of that fact.We at Adhyann have our own team of experts who prepare notes for each subject and only the best notes is uploaded for assistance. If you agree to this then you can fill up this form and send us your notes if you want to share it in the Adhyann packages.
Before sending the notes ,All you have to do  is to fill up this form.


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I accept the rules and regulations for sharing notes mentioned above and have no problem with it. Tick Mark

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