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Be thorough In Gas laws and atomic structure and much more at just Rs 600,This Package brings to you the …


    sdsd1Be thorough In Gas laws and atomic structure and much more at just Rs 600,This Package brings to you the exclusive coverage of the whole syllabus of ICSE IX Chemistry over a duration of 10Months (300 Days),at just a onetime payment of Rs 500.All you have to do is to Buy this course and start your ICSE Chemistry Preparation from the scratch. The package also includes and follows a specific plan of Lessons each month which will be uploaded in the form of Easy to Understand Notes and Assignments on a monthly basis. Package also Includes Objective Type MCQs at the end of each month to make you thorough with the concepts in the notes. Also Selective Video Tutorials based on tricky concepts will also be handled and uploaded. Here also Students are also eligible for 2 doubt clearing Sessions here each month on the 2nd and 4th Sunday depending on the slot available those days. The course starts from April 2016.

    APRILThe Harrapan Civilization-Meaning of the term civilization-Origin, Extent, Urban, Trade, Arts and Craft, Religion.
    Our Constitution-Definition of constitution, Date of adoption, Date of enhancement, Meanings of terms in the preamble
    MAYThe Vedic Period-Vedas and Epics, Archaeological-Iron and Poetry.
    Salient Features of Constitution-Written and Lengthy constitution, Cabinet system of government, Federal Government, Fundamental Rights and Fundamental Duties, Principle of state policy.
    JUNEIndia in 6th century B.C-Cause of rise of Jainism and Buddhism, Doctrines and impact of Jainism and Buddhism.
    Election and Political Parties-Need of election, Election Commission, Meanings and importance of election, Genral election, By election, mid term election, Meaning of political party, National and Regional parties.
    JULYThe Mauryan Empire-Arthashastra and Indika, Ashokan Edicts, Sanchi Stupa, Ashoka’s Dhamma

    Local self Government-Rural system-Three tier system, Village panchayat, Samiti-Zila Parishad.
    Urban-Municipal Committees and Municipal Corporation.

    AUGUSTThe Sangam Age-Tirrukural Poems, grammar and epics, Archeological- megaliths, herostones and inscription.
    SEPTEMBERMedieval World-South India and the Cholas, Literary-Kalingattuparani by Jayamkondar, Archeological-inscriptions, monuments.
    The Delhi Sultanate-Literary-Tariq-i-firozshahi, Prithvirajraso by chand
    Archeological-inscription, monuments, Qutub Minar
    OCTOBERThe Mughal Empire-Literary-Abdul Fazal’s Ain-i-akbari, Humayun’s tomb, Fatehpur Sikhri, Agra Fort, Red Fort, Taj Mahal,
    NOVEMBERThe Beginning of Mordern age in Europe-Renaissance- Definition, Causes, impact on art, literature and science.
    Industrial Revolution- Causes and impact.

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