Be thorough In Gas laws and atomic structure and much more at just Rs 600,This Package brings to you the …


    physics icse ixBe thorough In Gas laws and atomic structure and much more at just Rs 600,This Package brings to you the exclusive coverage of the whole syllabus of ICSE X physics  over a duration of 9Months (270Days),at just a onetime payment of Rs 600.All you have to do is to Buy this course and start your ICSE physics Preparation from the scratch. The package also includes and follows a specific plan of Lessons each month which will be uploaded in the form of Easy to Understand Notes and Assignments on a monthly basis. Package also Includes Objective Type MCQs at the end of each month to make you thorough with the concepts in the notes. Also Selective Video Tutorials based on tricky concepts will also be handled and uploaded. Here also Students are also eligible for 2 doubt clearing Sessions here each month on the 2nd and 4th Sunday depending on the slot available those days. The course starts from April 2016.

    APRILEstimation and units-Estimation by order of size(length, area and volume), mass, time
    Measurement of length, volume, time and mass-meter rule, vernier calipers and micrometer screw gauge for length, volume by displacement using measuring cylinder, stop watch and simple pendulum for time, beam balance for masses.
    Experimentation-Presentation of data in tabular and graphical form
    MAYMotion in one Dimension-Distance, speed , velocity, acceleration, Graph of distance and speed time, Equation of uniform accelerated motion with derivation
    Laws of motion-Newton first, second and third laws of motion, gravitation
    JUNEPressure in fluids and atmospheric pressure-Change of pressure with depth, Transmission of pressure in liquids, atmospheric pressure.
    JULYFloatation and relative density-flotation, Determination of relative density of solid
    AUGUSTHeat-Concept of heat and temperature, Expansion of solids, liquid and gases, anomalous expansion of water, Thermometers.
    Propagation of sound waves-Nature of sound waves, propagation and speed in different media, comparison with speed of light, Range of hearing ultrasound, a few applications
    SEPTEMBERTransfer of heat-conduction, convention and radiation, thermal insulation, vacuum flask, ventilation
    Energy flow and conservation of resources-flow and its importance, Practice for conservation of resources-search for alternatives
    OCTOBERReflection of light at plane surface-image formed by a plane mirror, regular and irregular reflection, images formed by a pair of parallel and perpendicular plane mirrors, simple periscope
    NOVEMBERProperties of a bar magnet, lines of magnetic field, magnetic field of earth, neutral point in magnetic field

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