Term & Condition

Rules and Regulations


  • All packages starts from April and continues till the completion of syllabus which varies with individual subjects
  • A student joining in mid year will be made accessible to all the notes of that particular course which has been uploaded till that month in which he joins. For Example if a student joins in June he will be able to access the assignments notes and sessions, which has been given till June in that particular package which he has chosen.That is Adhyann’s way of uploading notes according to the lesson plan will remain the same as planned irrespective of the joining date of a particular student.The Student in turn gets access to all the materials according to the   the notes uploaded till that month in which he or she joins because Adhyann follows a specific pattern of covering the syllabus for each subject.
  • There are both combo and solo packages. Combo package will consist of more than one subject. A subject will follow the same lesson plan in both solo packages and combo packages.For Example, Physics in solo Package and In Newton Package For ICSE,will have the same lesson plan as specified for Physics that is Combo Packages are only for economical assistance and benefit for students.The lesson plan and way of teaching for a particular subject in both the packages remain the same.
  • A student taking a particular course is entitled to take all the services related to that package course.


  • Every month the notes of a particular chapter along with the sample questions will be uploaded to the site according to the lesson plan of the subject.
  • Adhyann will follow a structured lesson plan for each subject of class 9 and 10 in a month wise pattern for ICSE And CBSE Curriculum.
  • There will be two doubt clearing sessions for each user under each package irrespective of the package he takes be it a combo or a solo package.It is a monthly session and can be availed by all the package users.



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